Secondary Sales Visibility

The primary objective of this Integrated Supply Chain Solution is the integration of disparate systems in a single platform BPM and seamless data flow upwards & downwards as per the materials movement and create visibility and efficient order management & fulfillment. Provide real-time data for decision making and accountability to different stakeholders in the organization responsible for sales.

Why Secondary Sales Visibilty?

Stock & Sales Visibility

Provides the sales and stock information to the Principal Company in their channel and partner framework in a streamlined manner

Data Driven Decisions

 Manage orders received from distribution network and intelligently manage the logistics, supply chain & production planning.

Seamless Integration

Easily integrated with systems used by the principal company and applications used by the channel partners to avoid manual intervention and get real-time data.

Efficient Supply Chain

Provide visibility for tracking of the movement of material through GPS which helps to improve efficiency in the logistics and supply chain.



Integrated Supply Chain System for Secondary Sales Visibility


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