Employee Monitoring Tool Software

Employee Monitoring Software & Performance Control

Nandini Infosys allows you to monitor your employees by detecting, reviewing and responding their activities on the company’s premises. This is essential to reduce the involved risks of data loss. The employee monitoring software tool is going to thoroughly monitor the company’s resources to prevent any trouble.

Features of Employee Monitoring Software Include:

  • Screenshot recording
  • Encoded network traffic monitoring
  • Keystrokes logging
  • Clipboard monitoring
  • Processes monitoring
  • Files and folders monitoring
  • Email monitoring
  • Social network monitoring
  • Skype tracking
  • Search keyword tracking
  • Chats/IM monitoring
  • Websites monitoring

Why You Need Our Employee Monitoring Tools Software

We offer a suitable platform that ensures to make the employee monitoring happen smoothly. Nandini Infosys is known for serving the best employee monitoring tool software that you can consider with us.

Real-Time Employee Monitoring

You can easily monitor the screen of your employees’ computers and check out the on-going activities. In real-time employee monitoring, you can receive data on what keywords are searched on Google and other search engines, what is showing on the screen of computer, what employees are doing on social networking websites, what all processes are opened, whom employees are chatting on Skype or through email and which websites are browsed.

Parental Control

It is important to block some websites and functions on your computer so that your kids don’t access them. In your home PC, you can use the parental control. Simply download employee monitoring software tool and get the best application. This is essential to let your children stay away from the harmful things that can badly affect their mentality.

Employee Performance Monitoring

You can regularly keep a track on the employee performance by monitoring their details on the best employee monitoring software. The application includes everything to keep on checking the required details and provides the best supervising.

Data Loss Prevention

Every organization has some secured data that it does not want to lose. Leakage of such critical data could be very risky. To avoid such data loss, you can think to download employee monitoring tool with us. The software protects the data by tracking it, whenever needed.

Employee Performance Monitoring

To run your operations go smoothly, it is important that your employees do a good job. Monitoring their performance can give you a good idea about the productive and unproductive employees. This would be helpful for you to identify the selective employees with whom you can work for a long time.